Mitrataa Foundation

Dream Centres

This project aims to deal with 2 major challenges facing children in Nepal:
  1. Providing an alternative to rote learning by teaching different study methods and skills, and also important life skills; and
  2. Providing a suitable environment for kids to do their homework and receive valuable mentoring and access to resources.
Dream Centres

We are doing this through the establishment of Dream Centres places where children can go after school to receive training and mentoring in skills for learning and skills for life. The centres are clean, bright and set up with kids in mind. This means they are colourful and include fun elements such as cushions for sitting on the floor to study. The centres are also equipped with a small library of resources and computer and printing facilities.

Children can attend a Dream Centre for a couple of hours after school each day. They will receive support and guidance from specially trained tutors who will have received training in learner centred methods of teaching and life skills teaching including problem solving, study planning and organisational skills.

One of the most exciting outcomes we plan to come from the centres is assisting children to identify their passions and the skills they are good at, and to help them harness these skills and abilities for their futures.

Dream Centres are open to all school children subject to spaces being available, with those students who are able to pay being charged a small fee, which will in turn subsidise disadvantaged children. In some areas, the entire centre will be sponsored by the Foundation if needed.

Current Status

  • Click here to read the project outline.
  • The pilot Dream Centre is now up and running in New Baneshwor in Kathmandu! The first 3 Dream Centre facilitators have worked tirelessly with our Nepal Project Manager to establish the Centre and begin working with girls who really need our help in that area. You can read more about the pilot centre here.
  • The first group of girls have just graduated from this Centre! You can read more about their graduation here.
  • The second Dream Centre is scheduled to open on 1st December 2009!
How YOU Can Help

  • We are looking for motivated individuals/organisations to "sponsor" a centre. This could include financial support as well as a visit to Nepal to help in the work of establishing the centre! Why not make this project part of a working holiday/volunteer experience?!
  • Resources in the form of text books, kids' books and educational software would be particularly useful and much appreciated.